Dobermann Club of NSW
Club Awards - 2015/16
Current List of 2015/16 Club Awards

Dog Name                                                                                           Owner(s)                      Award(s)                                      Date(s) Attained

Ch Indpac Fahrenheit (ai)                                                                     M Hart                          Australian Champion                    05/07/2015

Ch Fireax Rhythm of Love                                                                    P Robson & E Pieton   Australian Champion                    06/07/2015

​Ch Tornadobe Black Pearl TDX RN ET ROM                                       L Smart                        Tracking Dog Excellent                09/08/2015

Ch Indpac Spirit In The Sky                                                                   S & S Norman              Australian Champion                   17/08/2015

Ch Engelhuette Here I Am (imp NZ) WAC                                            J Perry                          Working Aptitude Certificate        26/08/2015

Ch Ultimatedobe StarDemon WAC                                                        S Morrison                    Working Aptitude Certificate       26/08/2015

Monelite Vivid ET WAC                                                                         K Craig & M Kawecki    Working Aptitude Certificate       26/08/2015
                                                                                                                                                    Endurance Title                           03/09/2015

Ch Dobrydobey Light of Bona Fides TD RN                                         E Starzynski                   Tracking Dog                              06/09/2015
                                                                                                                                                     Rally Novice                               30/10/2015

Ch Engelhuette Miss Undaztood (imp NZ)                                            K Fung                           Australian Champion                  20/09/2015

T Ch Fireax Viva Forever CCD RN TSD ET                                         L Smart                          Track & Search Dog                   04/10/2015

Indpac Night Whisper UD ET                                                                K Long                           Utility Dog                                   18/10/2015

Ch Engelhuette Do What U Do (imp NZ)                                              H Rymer & J Perry         Australian Champion                  21/10/2015

Ch Dobrydobey Treasure in Gold CCD AD JDX SPD SD JD RN         E Starzynski                   Rally Novice                               30/10/2015

Ch Ultimatedobe Optimus Prime                                                          S Morrison                      Australian Champion                  05/03/2016

Ch Bladedge Dangerous Demon                                                         S Morrison                      Australian Champion                   19/03/2016

Club Members whose dogs earn titles/awards can apply for a Club Award.  Below are listed dogs who have earned titles between 1 July 2015 and up to 30 June 2016.  These awards will be presented to their owners at the 2016 Specialty Show.