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Date Listed:

20 months
Male (desexed)

Jax is looking for a new home.  His current owners advise the following:

Jax is a large dog with lots of energy and would require lots of room to run eg: small acreage, he is very affectionate and loves one on one attention.

We wouldn’t recommend Jax to go to another family with small children under 10 years old or who have other small pets due to his size and energy level.

He would be best suited to one person or a couple who have a love of large dogs where he can get lots of positive attention as he is a lovely big dog who is keen to learn and does basic commands on cue. We are very sad to have to rehome this beautiful boy.

If you feel you can give Jax a loving new home, please contact:​

​Smythes Creek (near Ballarat), VIC

12 June 2019

UPDATE:  Jax has been rehomed!