The Dobermann Club of NSW

DCNSW History

The Dobermann Club of NSW Inc. was established at a meeting held November 29th, 1963.  It became the second Dobermann Club in Australia and was borne out of the enthusiasm of a group of owners and exhibitors who had at that time taken on a very new breed in the country.

Whilst the Dobermann had been on the show scene in NSW since 1952, there were very few people who had the opportunity to either exhibit or breed this spendid dog.  The catalyst to the sudden rush of popularity was the recent arrival of an American import male who seemingly overnight lifted the average quality of the breed.  With the rush of popularity, a Club seemed a natural step in bringing together the energy and enthusiasm that was generated.  The Club progressed in leaps and bounds conducting shows, parades and various activities for the new as well as the old member.

Many firsts can be listed in the achievements of this Club, with activities such as an Annual Futurity Sweepstakes, the formation of the National Dobermann Council (Australia) and the hosting of the 1st Dobermann National Specialty Show in Australian in 1986 and the 8th National in 1996.  The Club has also produced a number of local publications over the years - Dobermanns (1980), Dobermann Digest (1989) and An Analysis of the Breed Standard (1992).  The Club has also participated in a number of information days eg: Pet Expos for the general public and has hosted two of the four All Breeds Obedience Challenge Matches so far held.

Today The Dobermann Club of NSW Inc, as well as conducting a Championship Show and Annual Parade each year, also conducts regular obedience training sessions, Working Aptitude Evaluations periodically, provides a Tattoo identification service and an Advisory Service on the breed to the general public.

However, probably the most important role of the Club is to provide a forum for the meeting of fellow enthusiasts to discuss, debate and share information that will ultimately ensure the continued flourishing of this most wonderful of dogs.

General Meetings are held every second month and members receive the Club's newsletter, Dobermania.  Priviledges of membership include Club awards for Championship and Obedience titles attained, puppy referral as well as members rates for services open to all exhibitors and breeders.

All membership and Club enquiries, contact the Secretary.

President:                                 Laurie Wheeler   

Vice President:          

Secretary:                                 Beryl Rand0408 974 300

Treasurer:                                 Anne Howard 

Publicity Officer          
& Club Web Site Designer:       Jodie Yeatman

Mailing Address:                       The Secretary
                                                    Mrs B Rand
                                                    131 Carrington Road
                                                    LONDONDERRY NSW 2753

Life Members:        Gordon (dec.) & Maria Archer
                                 David Playford (dec.)
                                 Mick Parrish
                                 Lauris Hudson
                                 Peter Steensel
                                 Laurie & Maria Wheeler
                                 Kevin Adamson - 2014
                                 Anne Howard - 2014
                                 Jodie Yeatman - 2014
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DCNSW Code Of Ethics
Presentation of new Life Memberships at the February 2015 DCNSW General Meeting
From Left: Anne Howard, Laurie Wheeler (President), Kevin Adamson and Jodie Yeatman